Ribble road community gardens

Help me start a community garden, between Woolton and Gateacre!

It all started when i was bored while shielding, and the grass outside wasn’t getting cut, so I decided to cut it myself. Then I heard about the Incredible Edible projects. I have now made a bed around our bins, a herb garden, french onions, a lemon tree, just to improve sight and smell. I have received donated HD packing cases I’m converting to planters for rescued fruit plants, and i have a facebook fundraiser active to buy a secure shed.

I’m trying to get more people involved via the FB page, there is a piece of disused land in corner of estate i would like to use for raised beds to grow vegetables and fruit for our community.

I have designed tomato planters made from plastic tube and green house membrane that can clip to walls over a grow bag and unclip for storing during winter, we need raised planters, materials, seeds, etc.

I’m also hoping that we can eventualy become self sufficient. Until then our budget will very much be shoestring!

I’m hoping it will encouage more memders to come out and help in a project that can help feed our community. I think this project could bring joy not just to our residents but also to volunteers from the wider community who dont have access to thier own gardens

Financiado pelo capítulo Liverpool (June 2020)