Cool Kindergarten Science

Awesome Foundation grant selection committee please choose me to bring some “oh-la-la” to my kindergarten science distance learning presentations. I want to WOW my kindergarteners with multiple science experiments/projects. I plan on making slime (with cool items like glitter and mini dinosaurs inside), growing colorful crystals, watching ants in their ant pavilion (of course we will be naming them all and then alphabetizing their names), making a bubbling volcano (then discussing volcanic activity in Hawaii), watching our cupful of caterpillars fly off into the sunset (while simultaneously discussing the parts of a butterfly and identifying butterfly varieties found in the Philadelphia region) and lastly making a terrarium with a bonsai plant (then watch a YouTube video showing a master gardener meticulously trimming and maintain his bonsai plants.)

Financiado pelo capítulo Philadelphia, PA (May 2020)