Graffiti Defense Coalition's Sticker Machine

GDC wants to introduce street art and our mission to Seattle by offering a nomadic street art sticker vending machine. We feel that we can promote street art, street artists and our mission in an effective way through the GDC’s street art vending machine.
We are collaborating with local artists to have sticker designs donated for a diverse variety of street art stickers. The sticker machine will change locations from neighborhood art walks, to galleries and events around Seattle. We also plan to give the vending machine a life of its own by building an online persona through social media sites such as Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Four Square and the like. This will be a fun way to update fans/friends of its current whereabouts and available selection.
GDC believes this benefits Seattle because street art lends itself to community building and inspires creativity. By creating the online persona we will be inviting everyone to contribute to, interact with and promote street art. This will allow Seattle to be inspired by street art and get involved with the street art movement. Plus awesome street art stickers will be available to Seattleites for $1!
GDC will gain a dynamic startup tool in the vending machine. It will open a forum for us to promote street art and our mission. Through the vending machine we will build the community support to include GDC and Seattle in the global street art arena. It will also be a helpful contribution to our fundraising efforts for upcoming goals.
Projects on the horizon for GDC include a youth program and Stunning Seattle a mural event. GDC is developing a syllabus for youth to better understand the difference between vandalism and street art. We are building a curriculum around different styles of street art and will be offering it to youth centers. GDC’s Stunning Seattle is a large scale mural event coming in 2013. We plan to join local property owners and local/international mural artists to beautify the empty walls in Seattle.

Financiado pelo capítulo Seattle, WA (September 2012)

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