Place Projectors Pop-Up on Charlotte Street

Place Projectors Pop-Up is small scale spectacle to bring attention to an up-and-coming art space on Charlotte St. and a budding public art project. This pop-up show would debut for one evening and contain a model sampling of the project described below:


Place Projectors, a two-fold art initiative, creates cinematic site specific
interactive sculptures made with light, shadow, steel and glass. The imagery of
each projector is specific to an event or object that is rooted in its respective
public space. The mission of this project is to reinvigorate a collective curiosity
for considering people that have stood where we stand, what their lives were like, and how our actions, no matter how small, leave a permanent mark in time and place. Activating each sculpture or ‘projector’, is an invitation to revisit
a moment rendered unchangeable by time and consider the potential of our
presence within our own.

Financiado pelo capítulo Rochester, NY (December 2019)