PANJA Medicine Garden Project

PANJA is a healing center that fosters a holistic approach to health of the mind, body, spirit. We recognize human beings as multi dimensional characters who merit equally diverse pathways to access their own personal joy and wellbeing. As such, we offer eclectic services that focus on serving the whole human being through cultural collaborations, meditation, movement, performance, positive visual stimulation, clean food, education, intentional placemaking, and access to creative space.

The Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) is a state funded grant program hosted by SUNY Orange in partnership with the Newburgh Enlarged City School District. Their mission is to provide drop out prevention services in an effort to assist middle and high school students graduate from high school and pursue higher education or workforce development. Their program components include after school services, in-school academic intervention services as well as high school push-in initiatives and summer camp. In addition to their partnership with the school district, they look to collaborate closely with community organizations and initiatives. Education is a shared value at the intersection of both PANJA and LPP.

These organizations seek to collaborate on an approximate 34 week wellness curriculum, to foster a supportive environment for youth to explore their own wellness praxis -- as they currently exist and through the lens of possibility. Youth will be encouraged to examine the tools they already have available, while also expose them to a diverse range of new healing and wellness modalities.

Program outline includes:
Orientation: Intro to PANJA x Safe Space/ Building Our Constitution
Connecting Core Values
Ancestral Earth: Exploring the 5 Elements
Justice in the Food System
Ancestral Traditions: Healing Power of Herbs as Medicine
Intro to Creative Placemaking/ Exploration of Design Thinking
Designing the Garden @ Liberty Street
Building the Garden @ Liberty St. (Raised beds ONLY - no planting til Spring)
Building a Gratitude Practice
Field Trip - NUFF Downing Park
Planting by the Moon
Medicine Garden Evaluation

Financiado pelo capítulo Newburgh, NY (October 2019)