A New Directions Program

The New Directions Curb Appeal Project serves to improve the aesthetic conditions of Frenchtown neighborhoods. The project directly addresses the blight of trash strewn streets, overgrown lawns and entry ways to streets from either end and also the dead ends of streets in trouble zones. The curb appeal project will address the main corridors of trouble zones with greening and gardening. The New Directions Curb Appeal Project serves Re-Entry Offenders and eligible at risk youth to reduces recidivism rates.
Re-Entry participants will learn accountability, community awareness, stewardship and respect which are strong empowerment tools for success and reduces recidivism. Participants of the monthly program will earn a minimum wage through supplemental grants from other sources for actively participating in community service projects in and around the community they reside in. A successful Re-Entry participants will also earn opportunities for referrals for job while working on the Curb Appeal Project.

Financiado pelo capítulo Tallahassee, FL (October 2019)