Hugs Cafe Inc

Hugs Cafe is a non-profit fast casual lunch destination employed by adults with special needs in McKinney, Texas. We serve up that most delicious soup, salads, sandwiches, and homemade desserts. Every meal is prepared and served by our teammates, or adults with special needs. Hugs Cafe serves as a training and employment opportunity for adults with disabilities. It is our mission to provide a positive workplace with meaningful jobs for individuals with disabilities who possess all of the desires of having a job, but require extra time and attention or training to achieve long term success in their position, We are proud to say that 80% of our staff has a disability and is given meaningful employment, training, and support that would not be possible without our organization. Texas ranks 50th in resources for the disabled, and there are nearly 50,00 individuals with disabilities in Collin County alone. With these staggering statistics, we believe it is up to us as individuals to make a difference in the lives of this underserved and special population. During our 3 years of being in operation, we are proud to say have had zero turnover and have sprouted a community within our four walls that provides inclusion, acceptance, and laughter to the special needs population and every visitor of Hugs.

Financiado pelo capítulo Plano, TX (March 2019)