Hear Our Houston

Hear Our Houston is a hub of public generated audio walking tours that should be amplifying more of our city’s incredibly diverse and fascinating voices.

All sorts of folks record their thoughts, stories, memories, and knowledge while taking a walk. They then upload the audio tour to HearOurHouston.com where anyone can download it for free to their mp3 player, retrace the tour maker’s steps, layer meaning into geography and try on another point of view. These tours are not a list of easily consumable hotspots made by flat, expected characters. From point A to point B, you walk, you discover meaning in details you never noticed and the in-between spaces you wouldn’t have sought to arrive at.

Houston is a city of great but hidden richness only truly discovered by experience and word of mouth. In a place where walking is nearly a radical act, Hear Our Houston is excavating some of our hidden gems, layering meaning into geography, preserving our oral history, and celebrating our common sense of space.

Financiado pelo capítulo Houston (January 2012)