Strong&Beautiful is a teen girls support group that meets every Friday at the Conner Capuchin Soup Kitchen. There are 7 girls ages 11-17 involved and 2 adult coordinators, Clara Hardie & Parina Davis-Usher. Although it's members change, "Girls Group" has existed for 9 years within the Rosa Parks Youth Program at the soup kitchen.

Strong&Beautiful girls are in the process of gathering interviews from the soup kitchen community about their experiences with violence as well as their ideas for solutions. We may also create a series of screen-printed posters featuring the various ideas we have gathered for stoping violence in Detroit through the interviews. The girls are currently developing a workshop that will:
1) get youth to think about their concepts of violence through facilitated group discussion
2) watch our film of interviews
3) learn to use flip cams to interview each other, gathering more solutions to the problem of violence in Detroit.
4) We would also like to give the participating group some of our posters that offer alternatives to violence.

Strong&Beautiful will prioritize sharing our workshop and posters with other youth organizations and schools in Detroit as well as with our own soup kitchen community. After that, we will consider sharing the workshop and posters with adult organizations as well, depending on our capacity.

In addition to sharing the film through our workshops, the girls would like to post our film on youtube, our facebook page and other internet-based DIY media-sources. We will use twitter and texting to spread the word about our film. Strong&Beautiful will wheat paste and staple our posters around the soup kitchen community in addition to giving them as gifts to those who participate in our workshops.

Financiado pelo capítulo Detroit, MI (April 2012)