streetARThawaii (Mud Hen Family)

streetARThawaii is grateful to have been awarded $1,000 to paint 13 traffic signal boxes on Waialae Avenue and Harding Avenue on September 22 and 23. streetARThawaii will not only be painting four more boxes in Kaimuki; but we will be sprinkling a bit more magic. A family of Mud Hens, a Mom, Dad and their three babies will be painted along Waialae Avenue (which means Mud Hen Waters). The hens will be spotted on four different locations on four buildings along the Waialae Avenue sidewalks.

Recently one of our original 13 boxes was tagged on 16th Avenue and Waialae Avenue. streetARThawaii has decided to purchase a very expensive anti-graffiti wax coating to protect the 13 existing boxes as well as all future boxes. This was an unexpected expense but one that is necessary in order to protect our artists’ beautiful works of art.

*Note: streetARThawaii does not have a website but had to fill in a website in order to transmite the application.

Financiado pelo capítulo Oahu, HI (October 2018)