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Sobre Nós

The Saint Petersburg Chapter of the Awesome Foundation is an Independent self-funded group dedicated to furthering the Awesomeness of St. Petersburg by giving out $1,000 grants each month.

What we fund

Our grants support projects in sciences, arts, education, civic engagement, technology, media, entertainment -- and just about anything as long as it contributes to making Saint Petersburg more AWESOME!

We want to fund projects that delight and connect people, sparking discussion, action, participation. We especially like projects that attempt something important done in ways others haven't tried lately. You've got a dream or scheme. Brainstorm, then narrow it down. Think about your community or about the wider public. Think unusual, playful, ambitious, inspirational. How awesome is it? (When you explain it to new people, do they respond with a delighted little dance?)

We fund beginners, small projects and experimenters more readily than most other grant-makers can. (Will $1,000 make all the difference for your project?)


When you apply, describe a specific idea. We'll decide about funding based on your creative ambition. That's what we most love knowing. Your inspired self will be great at making your point. We don't care about credentials or organizational backing.

Some tips for writing an awesome grant application:

  • Be brief - we have a ton of applications to review every month
  • Be fun - remember, you want your application to stand out from the pack
  • Be specific - we want to know how you're going to use the $1,000 - show us that you've thought this thing through
  • The grants can go to groups, individuals, small non-profit organizations, almost any entity. (501c3 status is not a requirement)


    Our application deadline is always the last day of the month and we meet the following week to review the previous month's submissions. If your project was not selected in a given month, please feel free to reapply. We generally only review applications from the current month's pool.

    Let's make St Petersburg more awesome!

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