The Gay Wax Museum

The Gay Wax Museum is a group art show of life-size diorama-style installations depicting moments in queer history — the marvels, despairs, ecstasies, triumphs, bloopers, experiments, possibilities, and cummings-together. The show invites artists from Austin and around the country to explore our stories of past, present, future, real and imagined.

The Gay Wax Museum grows from a desire to celebrate the many
profound and often ephemeral moments of this lineage and, especially, to honor the stories that often escape representation in mainstream narratives of queer life. Artists are asked to create work that portrays the moments in time that shape and define something of our queer selves.

The Gay Wax Museum will happen as part of OUTsider Film & Arts Fest at Salvage Vanguard Theater, February 18-22, 2015. The imagery will be subjective, actual, anecdotal, mythical, iconic, tender, obscene, absurd, ugly, fantastical, and more and more! Artists were chosen because they create work that inhabits this magical continuum and will contribute authentic beauty and radical vision to the project.

Ֆինանսավորված Austin, TX կողմից (December 2014)