The Rain Barrel Project

The World In A Garden.

We are converting 55 gallon empty food barrels (donated by LUSH) into rain barrels that are designed by local artists from Emily Carr. We are planning to convert 250 barrels that will be placed in private yards, school gardens and public spaces in order to engage the community and monitor how the presence of the rain barrels will effect the water use/consumption Vancouverites. Our goal is to educate through community events and to save a minimum of 1300 gallons (4921 litres) for every 55 gallon barrel sold. With a sale of 250 barrels. We can save an estimated 325,000 gallons (1,231,750 liters) of water! An average of 1300 gallons of water is saved in the summer season when using a 55 gallon barrel. Proceeds will fund The World In A Garden's youth education programs.

It is imperative for Vancouver to start diverting our water from sewage systems where the rain water picks up toxins from impermeable surfaces and carries them into our fragile water ways like streams, rivers and the ocean. We know this is an action based and community engaging solution that can help us all make better choices and think about how we use our water to grow food, garden, wash cars and more.

Ֆինանսավորված Vancouver, BC կողմից (September 2013)