We Can See Through Time

‘We Can See Through Time’ is a collaborative 3D drawing project between Austin based artists Matt Rebholz and Rachel Wolfson Smith. The show addresses optics, drawing, and time, through a changing landscape.

The show is made up of four 55” x 96” drawings of landscapes that highlight cycles of urban change: a vacant lot, the frame of a house, a pit dug for a condo, that condo being constructed. Dioramas will be built as working models for each drawing. The drawings will be anaglyphs, meaning red and blue ink will be layered to create 3-D effects when seen through red and cyan glasses. They will explore traditional 3D depth of field effects, as well as creative experimentation between the red and blue layers.

The subjects address a changing landscape, namely that of East Austin, where Rebholz and Wolfson live. They will draw from a separate diorama for each drawing. The diorama will be created largely from found materials in East Austin, and it will be exhibited in the gallery with the drawings.

‘We Can See Through Time’ will be the first show in ICOSA collective’s new gallery space. ICOSA is a collective of 20 Austin artists, and their mission is to “ignite ideas and relationships between the Austin and global art communities.” The gallery recently lost its original space because of the swell of gentrification in Austin. Their new space is in the current East Austin hub of Big Medium and Canopy studios.

Included in the programing is a free workshop Matt and Rachel will teach on anaglyph drawing. Outreach will be directed at young folks that grew up in East Austin, before the boom. An artist talk and reception will follow the workshop. The exhibition will run September 7 – October 6, 2018

Ֆինանսավորված Austin, TX կողմից (September 2018)