Indigenous Peoples Day: A Decolonial Celebration

Indigenous Peoples Day was formally recognized as a City of Austin holiday in 2017. We feel that centering indigenous people and sharing indigenous cosmovision, culture and traditional ecological knowledge via community building and organizing is absolutely vital to realizing a more vibrant, just and sustainable Austin.

This year we are expanding the scope of our celebration in two important ways: We will be bringing our message into schools across the city in order to engage the youth in the issues and bring them closer to our active Native community.

We will be inviting international indigenous peoples to participate in the presentations and celebration. This will allow us to connect our communities with the global movement of indigenous peoples. Our celebration and prayer will connect the global to the local.

Where: East Austin, Texas
When: Saturday, October 6th
Panels and presentations 2-6 PM
Celebration 7-10 PM
Market 2-10 PM

Ֆինանսավորված Austin, TX կողմից (October 2018)