Is there anything more awesome than kids? (we can’t compete with puppies) Yes! Kids with active and happy moms are the “awesomest”!

For 2 years in a row we managed to mobilize and motivate some 100 moms with young kids to join the Yerevan half-marathon and the Spring Run as charity runners. Moms with children under 5 crossed the kids distance together. Why? Because:
-not every woman with a little kid dare stay active and is ready to run “adult” distances (5k and more)
-only kids above 5 can participate in runs
-it is always a great idea to join the Charity Runners, even if your kid is just 3 months old

In summer 2018 for the first time, we plan to organise a separate #MamaBalikRun to:
-promote sports and active lifestyle among women with sleep-deprivation
-form a community that believes that “motherhood is not an excuse”
-fundraise for an amazing cause and promote social responsibility and kindness
-encourage sports from early (very early age)
-spread the positive vibes and infect more moms to join the active movement (because the diapers tend to leave our lives early, but the “social gap” remains)

It’s no secret that a kid usually switches all the priorities in the family. Many mothers find it hard to find time for their own development and healthy lifestyle, dedicating all their energy to raise a healthy kid, very often juggling with work. But the easiest way to do that is actually to be a good example of a healthy and happy individual. And #MamaBaikRun is a perfect springboard to start with!

In brief:
WHAT: an awesome 1km running event with lots of smiles
WHEN: Summer 2018
WHERE: a park in Yerevan
WHO: 120-150 amazing moms with kids (and their supporters) with colourful balloons and great mood
+everyone wins
+all the proceeds from the registration fee goes to Nimba, a social enterprise
+in addition to the main event, weekly “Mama Run&Talk” mini-events will be organised to help prepare for the run and create hipe

Financé par Yerevan (May 2018)