Jarné Vegánske hody Bratislava 2018

Jarné Vegánske hody Bratislava 2018 is a spring edition of our vegan food festival, we are running since 2009 in Bratislava, Slovakia. We focus on giving people opportunities to explore sustainable and compassionate foods and goods and help them to move towards plant based diets. We also strive to develop an environment in which new sustainable and compassionate plant based enterprises will emerge and we help them thrive. Besides dozens of restaurants, shops and nonprofits, offering vegan foods and goods, we provide a full day of program consisting of lectures from activists and scientists, vegan cooking shows and documentary screenings. There is no entrance fee, because we want to make veganism as accessible to everyone as possible.

This spring edition is a rather new addition to our project portfolio we"ve expanded last year, when we started new events in Košice and Žilina (two regional capitals) and this spring edition. Despite our best efforts, we've had bad luck with weather and barely survived last year. So this year we are struggling to stabilize our project and to become able to expand veganism to the rest of our regional capitals.

We've been able to attract more than 20 000 visitors to our events last year, from which only one third were vegan. We've also gained a lot of media attention and our events got even to main TV news two times. Our work has also measurable impacts - during our events, google searches of word "vegan" surge by 50-100 %, and after 10 years of our work, 31% of Slovak population is open to reducing, or already reducing consumption of animal products.

Therefore we see a great potential in expanding our projects, but our current primary goal is to stabilize our last year's expansion, in order to become capable of further growth and reaching more people with our message in the future.

Financé par Vegan (February 2018)