Reaching Addicts & the families that love them

We would like to create a brochure/pamphlet to canvas our community to inform local residents about resources that exist to help active opioid users and their families respond to drug abuse. In addition to medical and therapeutic resources we want to educate our community members on the weekly support groups available for both the addict and those that love them.

However, many families experiencing this grief and hardship are unaware these resources exist. Wouldn’t it be AWESOME to get the word out? We envision a calendar that would depict the dates and times of all of these weekly resources; this brochure/rack card would be distributed door-to-door, one-on-one throughout the southern Kenai Peninsula. The mechanism for distribution is mostly in place as KBFPC’s Community Health Outreach have volunteered to incorporate it into their packet.
The following information would be contained within the pamphlet:

I. Resources for Families: We have several weekly support meetings created especially for those that love someone addicted to drugs. These groups include traditional twelve step family groups (such as al anon), grief support groups and family counseling;

II. Resources for Addicts: Members of our task force have created a clean needle exchange program that provides clean needles to those in need. People in need of clean needles can safely dispose of their old needles and obtain clean needles. Information concerning recovery resources and medical needs are available in a safe, confidential and kind environment. Moreover, the community has several weekly recovery meetings. These groups include traditional twelve step recovery meetings such as AA and NA. Members of our task force are also active with the local food bank and we would provide information about the location and times for access to the food bank; and
III. Factual Information about the Opioid Crisis.
We envision a calendar that would depict the dates and times of all of these weekly resources.

Financé par Alaska (January 2018)