Alaska Dinosaurs Color and Learn Book

Alaska, today, is a recognized hot spot for polar dinosaur research. Dinosaurs in Alaska? Yes! Surprisingly, 13-15 species of dinosaurs plus other strange, fascinating creatures inhabited our northern state during the Cretaceous Period, 66 to 144 million years ago. They stomped, flew, swam and died, from Wrangell Saint Elias National Park to Anvik, and from the Alaska Peninsula to the North Slope. Today, scientists and lay people are discovering abundant evidence of their presence.

We believe that a “color and learn” book about “our” dinos has wonderful scientific and educational value and is most timely. The text would be written for young adults or for adults to read to children.

The Back Story
Kai and Sylas Reising, my sons, had a wonderful coloring book about Texas dinosaurs and they asked me to buy them a coloring book about Alaska dinosaurs. I scoured book stores, museum shops, libraries, and online web sites and found none so thought it would be exciting to create one. To help, I phoned my mother, Janet, who also lives in Alaska. She was equally excited. We studied scientific papers and books, watched quality movies, visited museums and talked with paleontologists, geologists and paleoartists.

Research for the “color and learn” book is mostly complete, the draft text is being critiqued by Dr. Patrick Druckenmiller, University of Alaska Museum of the North paleontologist. I am working with a Seward high school student who is drafting sample illustrations to be considered for the book. Although Janet, Dr. Druckenmiller and I have volunteered our time, we cannot ask an artist to do so, thus this request to AWESOME.

Currently, we estimate the coloring book at about 30 pages long. Most pages will be for coloring but a bit more information on the 4 endemic, named dinosaurs and background information about the Cretaceous and the three biggest fossil locations, the North Slope, Denali, and Talkeetna Mountains.

Financé par Alaska (November 2017)