SATX Social Ride - Safety and Education

For the last few years, the SATX Social Ride has been introducing San Antonio residents to the joys of social (group) riding in the downtown area. We started off in 2013 with 6 riders and now average close to 300 riders on our weekly Tuesday rides. We strive to keep this a "no drop" ride and a ride which follows the rules of the road. We do this to make the experience less-stressful for new riders and teach safe cycling practices to all riders.

In 2015 we had 43 organized rides which averaged around 140 riders. We put over 6,000 bike riders on the streets. We also rode a combined 70,700 bike miles all starting within the downtown area. That's pretty impressive for an all volunteer crew with no working budget (in my opinion).

Our group has about 30 "ride marshals" who assist with flat tires, mechanical issues, coaching and occasional first aid. This is definitely a group effort and it takes a dedicated and motivated team to marshal 300 cyclists 10 to 14 miles around the downtown area. We do this a safely as we possible. We use free smartphone apps to maintain contact and awareness. We also have a pre-ride safety huddle to discuss roles and responsibilities. Occasionally we have an "after ride review" to discuss ways to improve future rides.

In the past few years we have organized several charity rides and provided material support and promotion for: The Texas Diaper Bank, The Chow Train, Inner City Development, Earn A BIke and Cycling without Age. We will continue to support these, and other, charities with our future rides and activities.

This summer we will also start a new monthly ride for families with really small kids who want to ride (think training wheels).

It is my goal to grow this group in a sustainable manner and keep our safety standards and practices intact.

We are also in the process of becoming a 501c3 non profit organization.

Financé par San Antonio, TX (July 2016)