Central Oregon Sk8 Share

Central Oregon Sk8 Share is a grassroots program for the Bend and outer Bend/Central Oregon community. It was founded in May 2016 to connect under-supported youth in Central Oregon with skateboards and skateboard gear. These are youth that are interested in getting into skateboarding but might not otherwise be able to afford it, or youth that already skateboard and do not have the means for replacing damaged equipment.

· We believe skateboarding is a healthy, life-long, enriching sport that teaches patience and perseverance while building confidence and self-esteem. Skateboarding naturally fosters positive interpersonal connections.
· We believe skateboarding is a positive outlet that should be accessible to all youth of our community regardless of their privilege or resources.
· Some youth in our community live in circumstances where access to skateboarding seems unattainable. We feel this is a gap that can easily be filled by our local community.

TO GIVE: Our starting goal is to collect enough gear to put together 20 complete skateboard decks with helmets and pads. We accept any skate gear, and it can be used, we just ask that it be in good and safe condition.

TO RECEIVE: In exchange for a skateboard, we ask for a one-page essay from the youth recipient that includes a little bit about themselves and how they feel having a skateboard will improve or enhance their lives. The essay and exchange should be completed through a community partner to maintain confidentiality.

So far I have collected several donations. Donation boxes are set up in two local skateboard shops. I have already connected three youth with boards! I have achieved this by reaching out to several community agencies that work with Central Oregon youth. Getting this grant will enable me to stretch these donations and reach more youth, ensure all youth are provided with safety gear, purchase supplies that don’t get donated, and provide lessons to get
youth safely started.

Financé par Bend, OR (July 2016)