Little River Little Free Library

A Little Free Library is a structure about the size of a bird house that sits on a fence post. It contains books that people can take home with them. People are also encouraged to leave a book in the place of a book they take. With permission from the City of Gloucester’s Waterways Board, and thanks to the generosity of the Building Center and the Gloucester High School carpentry students, a Little Free Library will be installed at the "Stubby" Knowles Landing at the head of Little River in West Gloucester this summer.

Building a Little Free Library will help to renew the area's visibility and to foster community appreciation for this lovely piece of Gloucester's land.

Opening up a Little Free Library in West Gloucester would be another great, and unconventional, way to put Gloucester "on the map." The Landing's quiet parking area and beautiful view provide the perfect spot to sit and meditate. Especially nice is the presence of a picnic table where families and friends gather after bike rides or walks. More attention from the neighborhood and the community will help keep the benches maintained and in good condition.

Our neighborhood is home to many children. The brand-new West Parish school is slated to open this September, and it is about a mile from the future Little Free Library site.

Thanks to social media, the LFL has a Facebook page. Our LFL also has a Wordpress blog for those who are interested in goings-on but who do not use Facebook.

I am the Steward of the Little Free Library, meaning that I am responsible for its upkeep. I will curate the book collection and will make sure it is family-friendly. Finally, and perhaps most excitingly, I aim to use some of the money awarded to help contribute to registering six other Little Free Libraries around Gloucester. A friend of mine has expressed an interest in founding one in East Gloucester, and another has talked about establishing one in the center of Magnolia. Hopefully, this is just the beginning!

Financé par Gloucester, MA (June 2016)