Queer Kid Stuff

Queer Kid Stuff is a new educational webseries creating LGBTQ+ videos for kids. Queer representation and content for children is scarce and Queer Kid Stuff aims to eliminate stigma by educating future generations through free and entertaining videos. The project allows young people to have access to a queer resource that is specifically made for them. Googling “What does gay mean?” only finds dictionary definitions and guides for parents and teachers to help explain the topic to children. But there are no resources specifically made for children. Queer Kid Stuff aims to change that.

In the pilot episode, co-hosts Lindsay and her best stuffed friend Teddy explain what gay means through a vlog-style conversation focused on love and family. Think Sesame Street meets Gender Studies 101. Parents, teachers and LGBTQ+ adults can use the video as a tool to help them explain what gay is to the kids in their lives, recommended for ages three to seven years. A free, printable activity sheet accompanies each episode to further emphasize the lessons of the videos through activities which can be done at home, in the classroom or wherever you might find a box of crayons.

Our Awesome Foundation grant will go directly toward producing the first full season of Queer Kid Stuff's educational videos.

Watch the first episode online now, follow them on Facebook and Tumblr, and visit the Queer Kid Stuff website for more information about this awesome project.

Financé par New York City, NY (June 2016)

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