EVAC Soundproofing

For the past 7 years EVAC has been a hub for art, music, creative ideas, and community support in Old East Village. This past fall we made a move from 757 Dundas to 755 Dundas; a space 4 times the size of our previous home where we will be able to provide more programming, more art, bigger shows, and further develop our dynamic relationship with the East Village Community. Throughout the years we have been home to many artists and activists, and in this new space we hope to expand that family. While at 757 we were able to run as a community, bringing together what we had in order to create what we wanted. Now that we are changing location, we are also going to change our designation, and turn into a Not-for-profit. This status and this larger space we can provide a venue for local musicians to develop their sound and be heard above ground in London, ON; emerging artists will have room to work on their craft and walls to display their work; we will be able to provide seminars and classes in addition to the Anarchist Free School who provides weekly discussions at EVAC; we will further develop our community support initiatives like Safe Space, a drop-in centre for women on Monday and Tuesday’s, or the community meals provided for by Food Not Bombs. We have a lot of fundraising to do in order to get EVAC in a position to be the best possible venue for creativity and community to flourish in the OEV.

Financé par London, ON (February 2016)