Urban Fruit Trails/ Endless Orchard

The Endless Orchard is a sustainable, living public artwork. A way to navigate the Urban Fruit Trails – fruit trees planted, tended and harvested by the public. Endless Orchard is a way for cities and individuals to collaborate with us in creating more trails anywhere - essentially becoming the largest public artwork in the world. Anyone, anywhere can plant, map and share fruit. The Endless Orchard gives endlessly. Together we will make the largest and most generous public artwork in the world. We can almost taste the fruit now!

The Endless Orchard invites the public to explore urban space by planting fruit trees. Placed along sidewalks and interstitial urban spaces, Public Fruit Trees form a series of walking trails. In cities, these tree pathways connect neighborhoods. Signage placed at each tree identifies it as part of a network of the Urban Fruit Trails that celebrates fruits’ symbolic meaning as an object of sharing. The Endless Orchard App is the portal to explore and share.
Urban Fruit Trails are walking trails, populated with Public Fruit Trees and planted, tended, and harvested by the public. Public Fruit Trees planted to grow along sidewalks and overlooked urban spaces become an invitation for the public to explore and enjoy cities in a new way. Placed with attention to the needs of residents and what the trees themselves require to thrive, these street side plantings delineate trails that connect neighborhoods. Signs placed on trees designate them as part of the Urban Fruit Trails network, calling attention to fruit as a transcultural symbol of sharing. These trees can be planted by individuals in front of homes or businesses. Tree branches grow over sidewalks and are accessible to the public. They can be planted in areas that are already getting watered, in collaboration with cities in public spaces and parks.

Financé par Awesome Without Borders (January 2016)