Megapod is a giant climbable slug! Reaching 12’ into the air and 22’ in length, climbers can release their inner lemur to swing around the antennae, lounge along the head, or parkour their way over and through the body.

Built out of Kee Klamp pipe fittings and parkour-grade steel pipes, the structure is designed to support all the weight a posse of enthusiastic Seattleites can throw at it.

The structure is see-through like a playground climbing structure, and includes horizontal, vertical, and ramp-like bars to entice and challenge adventurers of all fitness levels. The head area is designed for group seating.

Megapod will appear suddenly at parks and art events around Seattle. The structure is designed to be assembled and disassembled for many uses in different locations.

Photos of the model for the structure and screen shots of the 3D model can be viewed at After building the model, I modified the design slightly to include a few more structural triangles for added stability, attachment points for guy lines at the head, and a 10' fire pole style component.

Financé par Seattle, WA (July 2015)