Off The Wall Gallery

Off The Wall Gallery is to be an alternative outdoor popup art space in Inner West Sydney using projections to create light graffiti or “art-vertising” on a publicly viewable wall. Located beside St Peters station, 1000's of viewers pass daily, giving an opportunity to promote marginalised artists work to a large audience without the physical demands of installation.

Digitally exhibiting provides an alternative exhibition modality for those with physical or mental disabilities, or local & international artists who need only provide digital imagery to display their work. The title Off The Wall refers both to the physical reality of the concept – art exhibited on the wall, yet not physically “on” it – & the supposedly “unconventional” nature of disabilities.

Exhibiting on a public brick wall is reminiscent both of traditional billboard advertising, & the graffiti that so often goes hand in hand. Off The Wall Gallery hopes to subvert the paradigm by exhibiting art-vertising – site specific works influenced by the medium & modality, transforming a medium traditionally used to degrade & disempower the marginalised into a powerful & public voice to question the status quo.

Off The Wall Gallery aims to deliver benefits to the arts sector and wider public by innovating a fresh take on the traditional art gallery; encouraging site specific artworks that respond to the medium & the environment; enabling impaired or disabled artists to exhibit without the physical & mental extertion of traditional installation; advocating marginalised & under-represented artists; supporting the development of a vibrant local arts community; promoting a creative & cultural city; exhibiting to audiences that may not usually attend traditional art galleries; supporting local & early career artists; beautifying a local urban environment usually dominated by advertisements or tags; & engaging the hearts & minds of local commuters & community in an innovative & unexpected way.

Financé par Sydney (June 2015)