The Man Cave

With around 1/5 Australian males suffering from depression before they are 18 and suicide being the leading cause of death for men under the age of 25, The Man Cave is designed to leverage the power of masculinity in Australian culture and use this as an engagement tool to provide a structured transition for boys into adulthood. Through a series of expertly designed workshops which will deconstruct masculinity, understand the importance of emotional intelligence and provide a practical set of skills such as mindfulness, meditation and self awareness to guide this transition into adulthood.

The Pilot was ran with 150 boys at Frankston High School in October 2014, the school said it was the best workshops they've had and have booked us in for next year. Never in my life did I think I'd see 150 year 9 boys meditating and calling it 'cool' afterwards!

We have our next workshops locked in at Tamworth High School (country NSW), a flagship White Ribbon School, on March 12-13 with 150 boys over two days.

Following that we have a workshops locked in Gunnedah (country NSW) and are also engaged in a number of discussions with Melbourne based schools.

Dr Arne Rubenstein, a world leader in Rites of Passage for boys into manhood, sits as the mentor of The Man Cave and oversees program development.

Financé par Melbourne (April 2015)