EcoZambia is a citizen initiative designed to provide the general public with information on how to live greener in Zambia. The initiative was born out of the difficulty faced by Zambian residents to gather reliable information on how to live in an eco-friendly manner within their local context. As such, EcoZambia is meant to become an online platform to assist Zambian residents live in greener way through the compilation, sharing, and exchange of information via the EcoZambia website.
The website will include 3 sections:
1. Recycling and waste management: How waste management is organized in Zambia/Lusaka, as well as what, where, and how we can recycle waste in the country
2. Eco-friendly products and services: what eco-friendly products and services are available in the country
3. Eco-tips: tips on eco-friendly and non-toxic house care and body-care
We are currently in the process of developing the website and plan on launching it on 8th January 2015.
As we consider education to be the key to promoting sustainable green living, we would also like to develop school workshops under the EcoZambia platform. Our members would run these workshops during scheduled classroom visits to discuss various ecological issues.
EcoZambia is not a marketing platform, but only an independent information platform. We do not charge a fee to write articles about our partners as we wish to remain independent and to choose whom to partner with. We try all the services and products we talk about and select our partners according to their reliability and quality of services.
EcoZambia is a non-profit initiative. However, we do not request for grants from international donors and NGOs as it is important to us to remain as a simple ‘citizen initiative’, demonstrating that a few people can make a change just by working on their own. In this regard, a grant from another citizen initiative such as The Awesome Foundation, would be perfectly in line with our vision.

Financé par Lusaka (February 2015)