Pretty in Little Haiti

Currently in Little Haiti there is a lack of garbage bins and at times trash can be seen through out the corridor. Our efforts of advocating to local government so far have been unsuccessful. However, we have found a solution to this issue that will also promote Haitian art and culture. Our project would engage the community and empower business owners to be house proud.

NE2P would like to obtain trash bins to be painted in traditional Haitian art by local artist. We would recruit painters and artist through an open call for solicitations. These trash bins would then be distributed strategically along the corridor. We hope that these bins would be a staple in the community and help promote Little Haiti as a destination while helping to keep the area clean.

The goal would be to have 10 beautiful trash bins located along NE 2nd Avenue between 54th St and 62nd St in the heart of Little Haiti. This location is prime and the bins will easily assimilate in the vibrate corridor. The buildings are painted in beautiful pastel colors with a Caribbean theme.

Financé par Miami, FL (July 2014)