Y-FI Africa 48 Hour Film Challenge

Y-FI Africa is a non profit initiative whose mission is to inspire the next generation of African filmmakers. We are doing this through launching filmmaking clubs in high schools. Since 2012, we have launched clubs in the following schools; Precious Blood, Riruta, MaryHill High School, Thika High, Chania Boys and Gaichanjiru High.

Combined, all the schools have produced over 10 shorts films, some of which can be viewed on our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/yfiafrica. Our vision is to launch these clubs in high schools throughout Kenya and eventually, Africa.

Our goal is to create avenues in schools where youth who have an interest in filmmaking can develop and nurture their skills so that they are well positioned to take up opportunities in Kenya's and Africa's growing film and video content industry.

To reward and enhance continuos learning and development of our current students, we are planning an exciting challenge for them in august 2014 dubbed The 48 Hour Film Challenge!

The idea is to bring all the students together at a venue in Nairobi, divide them up in groups, assign a mentor to each group and then present a filmmaking challenge that they must accomplish within 48 hours. They must then present their final video/film for a screening ceremony, after which the competition judges will award the winners in different categories.

We see this an excellent opportunity to expose the young aspiring filmmakers to industry standards by partnering them with seasoned filmmakers as their mentors in this challenge, propelling them much closer to their dreams of working in the film industry.

By limiting the challenge to 48 hours, the students will be under immense pressure to complete their film. This process will demand of them (and thus develop) high levels of discipline, team work, leadership, critical thinking, organizational and execution skills.

We would be delighted to partner with you in this project.

Financé par Nairobi (May 2014)