NMU, The Wire People

The Wire People is a growing family of human-like sculptures made out of chicken wire and recycled electronic chords. There are seven in total and more to come. They sit, slouch, and stare into their clear plexi-glass shaped phones of nothingness. They are placed in public places-from restaurants to the Bart, serving as a commentary of simply what we see constantly: a growing population with heads down using smartphones or other devices. The Wire People is a portrait of this all too common scene, yet when placed among others doing the same thing, they promote a striking image. An ironic twist. Interactions. Engagements. Discussion.

Our project, although the main theme centers around a connected disconnect, has an underlying theme: it is a visual representation of waste and environmental degradation. While searching for our materials, we are continually astonished by the excessive amounts of electronic waste. We find laptops, printers, keyboards, phones, and an endless massive entanglement of chords. Our personal electronic devices are extremely disposable. By taking the chords from the trash, or from student free piles, we bring them back to life, yet in another form, in the form of that which has thrown it out. To be able to discuss all of this, through art, is the most important part for us.

Financé par San Francisco, CA (March 2014)