AWESOMeFEET is a developing foot movement that combines interest for health, physical and mental endurance, self-empowerment, film, art, music, dance, play, fun, public performance, and more!

Participants in an AWESOMeFEET event move on their feet and are presented with unique physical and creative challenges. Each event is documented on video in a single take, a creative process in itself. I want to experiment with the endurance of long takes 30min - 4 hours and speeding them up into videos that are 1-3 minutes long. This allows one to explore new movement while remapping time in editing. The videos allow participants to share a condensed version of their enduring awesomeness and inspire others to attend an AWESOMeFEET event. In the future, I would like AWESOMeFEET to be a collaboration with creatives, athletes, and all interested participants to push their physical and creative endurance to produce some high-end one take endurance productions.

1. Commuting and traveling long distances via foot
2. Backpacking and the challenge and freedom of being able to carry everything you need to live and make art (music, dance, film, etc) on your own two feet. (Ex. of a future AWESOMeFEET experiment: Challenging musicians to perform a moving acoustic performance where they must run/move.)
3. The idea that much inspiration and ideas come during the act of movement: whether it's running, bicycling, backpacking over mountains, or moving on a train, bus, plane. (Future AWESOMeFEET experiment: Moving Talks/Lectures: A lecturer gives a presentation while running and moving with an audience that follows.)

1. Incorporating health, physical and mental endurance into art.
2. Engaging community and creatives for better health and happiness and creative dialogues

First video experiment tested documenting a long take performance and went viral with over 50,000 views in 2 weeks:

Financé par Awesome Without Borders (February 2014)