Miracle League

The Port Adelaide District Baseball Club is bringing Miracle League to South Australia – and the nation!

Miracle League is a custom-designed barrier-free baseball field where players of all ages and abilities can hit, run, catch and play ball. The filed is specifically equipped with a cushioned synthetic surface that allows players utilising wheelchairs and walkers to move unrestricted without fear or injury.

A buddy system is used, pairing each player with a volunteer buddy who may assist in hitting, running, catching - or just cheering on! The Miracle League is about making new friends, building self-esteem and experiencing the joy of playing ball.

Our mission is to:
* provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to be part of a team
* promote community sport and sponsorship
* promote construction and maintenance of facilities that meets the needs of players and their families.

Miracle League is well established in the USA; refer https://www.miracleleague.com , however there is nothing like it in South Australia.

We are working on an initial 6-week program, run outside of our usual baseball season and using our existing facilities and playing diamond. This of course will require specialised adjustments ie: wheelchair access matting (laid on top of the grass field) and modified equipment (balls, bats, safety helmets). We are also required to attain registration through Miracle League in USA (which is what the Awesome Grant is helping fund).

Our grand plan is to secure a grant and an ongoing sponsor to build a 'permanent' fit-for-purpose field so we can collaborate with community groups to host Miracle League events all year round.

Financé par Adelaide (April 2024)