"Colours of Life" Workshops

"Colours of Life" aims to reach out to those in the community who would like to use art to express emotions relating to their grief. "Colours of Life" workshops are creative, art focused and provide people the opportunity to share, in a relaxed space, life experiences of grief, loss, memories of a life lived and hopes into the future. This group also has a closed weekly peer support group for those who want to stay connected.
Southern Vale Compassionate Communities, connects with our community in order to understands what is needed, when living with a life limiting illness, caring for others and grieving. Wherever possible, small projects are carried out to support the communities.

Feedback from participants.

  • Thankyou for today. It gave me space to enjoy in a new way. It has come in a good time of my life. The chatting is also very good.

  • “Seasons of Life" has been a healing experience for me, as well as a wonderful experience of self development, reflection, expression and connection. Vivi and Chris provided a warm, safe, inviting creative space that allowed me to feel confident to share and reflect on my experiences.

• It’s been wonderful to meet new friends and take time to listen to others while also being listened to.

Financé par Fleurieu (April 2024)