2 the xtreme (2TX) is the only event of its kind in Central Victoria. It aims to inspire, motivate and engage young people, many of whom are from less advantaged backgrounds, in positive healthy creative sports, dance, music and food. It also provides young people with safe, healthy alternatives to high risk taking behaviour through FREE workshops.
2TX will run over two days on November 30th and December 1st 2013. 2TX is a much needed inclusive event where young people of all ages and walks of life can demonstrate and learn skills in Skate, BMX, dance, music, visual art and cooking. Being involved with such an energetic event enhances teamwork, fitness and fun, encourages responsibility and boosts social interaction in a performance-based setting. Over the weekend of the event XtremeInc will be encouraging broader youth participation by incorporating FREE healthy cooking workshops for young people aged five to 25 with 2012 MasterChef contestant Beau Cook . Other workshops will include visual art, and dance. These workshops will be taught by professional artists including special guest dance group ‘Beat the Streets’, Australia's No.1 "Street show” which is made up of a team of multi-talented, prodigal, world-class performers selected from around the world; the best performers in their fields. Their show contains every essence of the word entertainment including; Death defying - break dancing, electric tap Dancing, Comedy and Bucket drumming (beatthestreets.com). This crew will come to 2TX to inspire, perform and run FREE workshops. The whole community benefit’s from the positive outcomes of providing opportunities that encourage young people to participate in healthy activities, to express themselves creatively and feel like valued and connected members of the community. Better community connectedness is achieved through establishing new, and strengthening existing partnerships between local artists, organisations, businesses, community members and young people.

Financé par Maldon (October 2013)