Bubbles: 101

The most fun I've ever had volunteering was when my kids (now in their 20s) were in kindergarten. At a school science fair, I taught a class called "Bubbles: 101." It was a blast! We had lots of bubble solution for the kids to play with, a bubble machine, a foam machine, giant bubbles that kids could stand inside, square bubbles (yes, it's real), dry ice bubbles, and bubble painting. Everyone got messy and had fun while I explained the science behind bubbles like surface tension, air pressure, and light diffraction.

I want to teach Bubbles: 101 at several different venues this spring:

First, for the kids in my neighborhood. I live a in low-income public housing development with about 30 kids around 5-15 years old who never get to participate in wholesome fun activities.

Second, at the Tracy Earth Day Community Event on April 22. Earth Day events here are free to the community and always have hundreds of young visitors. It is the perfect place for Bubbles: 101.

Third, on the first Saturday that the farmers market opens in the spring (date TBA). For several months each spring and fall, Tracy closes off the streets downtown on Saturday mornings for lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, food trucks, arts and crafts, music, and more. I want to have my bubble class on one or more of these Saturdays. This would require me to pay a vendor fee.

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