The Career Exploration Club

The Career Exploration Club provides step-by-step career exploration, guidance & coaching to youth in High School who are unsure what career path is right for them.

Deciding on a career path & University/College program is difficult. Picking the wrong program through trial & error can lead to program changes that cost students more time in school, and over of $15,000 in additional costs for tuition, housing, transportation, books, & food per extra year.
Our program facilitates early career exploration & planning to help youth find careers that match who they are. It is effective & greatly increases their confidence.

Our career exploration process is structured, hands-on, comprehensive, and unique. It includes 6 steps designed to help a student go from saying “I don’t know what I want to do or what program to take in University/College”, to saying “These are my interests & strengths; this is the right career path for me; this is the education I need; and this is my plan to get there.” Our program helps students decide on their career path early, removing the costly alternative of career trial-and-error.

Through interactive workshops, exercises & discussions in each of the 6 major steps, students:
1) Discover who they are (e.g. interests & academic strengths)
2) Explore & research different careers
3) Select and 4) Test-drive top careers
5) Develop a career plan from A - Z including post-secondary institution & program research, help with the application, exploring financial options etc.
6) Learn life skills to be better prepared for post-secondary such as budgeting, study habits etc. They also learn to strategically position themselves to get employment as soon as they graduate.

By investing in career exploration, youth are more likely to find a career path that they like, are good at, & will enjoy. They’re more likely to break into the job market easier, & stay in their chosen career long enough to recover their investment and succeed.

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