Our Stories of Local Food

The SA Urban Food Network is a community with a shared vision for a regenerative, resilient and equitable local food system. We aim to act as a critical conduit and connector between food system stakeholders and within the community to facilitate building of skills, ideas and connections. With these foundations, we are able to support and amplify projects that strive to shift the local food system across community, industry, academia and government towards resilience, sustainability, and equity. This takes the form of workshops, microgrants, case study publication, online engagement, discussion groups, industry mentorship programs, academic research, and large community events.

One significant element of our organisation’s work is our annual Stories of Local Food flagship event. These funds will allow us to deliver a powerful event for the local community that showcases ten inspiring local food initiatives, and allows attendees to hear the stories, challenges and aspirations of these projects. Funds will allow us to provide locally and ethically sourced event catering, a Welcome to Country, thankyou gifts for our speakers, subsidised ticketing options, and promotional materials at the event and for use in outreach to maximise attendance.

This event allows the sharing of stories, but also acts as a catalyst to inspire and empower members of the community to pursue their own passions and goals within the food system. Attendees can meet and have discussions with speakers and fellow community members, and through this event build and strengthen the connections that are essential in continuing to make Adelaide a hotspot for the creation of innovative food system projects. As a result, community members can go forward to build food projects that foster strong, connected local communities, appreciation for diverse food cultures, mental and physical wellbeing, local economic resilience, and environmental health in biodiversity and climate adaptability.

Financé par Adelaide (August 2023)