A Good Gig - Full-Time Musicians of Santa Cruz

Tim Brady will conduct an interview series with musicians who earn all of their income from playing music in and around Santa Cruz. This will feature 6 individual artists, 3 currently active and 3 from back in the 70's/80's.

He will interview each person, record solo performances, and either film some live shows or use archive photos/video. The interviews will contain their music journey getting started performing as their main job, trails and tribulations, how the gig life treats them, funny stories, memories of other musicians from Santa Cruz and the old venues, music influences, tips for people who want to make it a career and what to look out for. He is also am intrigued to compare and contrast how the music scene in SC is now vs 30-40 years ago!

He will use the funding to obtain a few pieces of gear to help with the quality of the project, as well as pay himself for the time to make it.

Financé par Santa Cruz, CA (October 2023)