Share the Eco-Love

During this holidays most people think about doing good actions for the most vulnerable groups. In our school we have thought about doing an ECO-FRIENDLY good action.

Currently, the students of the border villages of Shrvanidzor, Tsav and Nerkin Hand had joined the different sewing groups to create the ultimate sustainable christmas gift box filled with handmade, local products.
Shrvanidzor students add their handmade eco-bags, handmade dolls and local dry fruit.
Tsav and Nerkin Hand students add their handmade eco-bags and their local herbal mountain tea.
Together with more teachers we have decided to spread the Eco-Love during this Christmas by giving these gift boxes as a present to the children in border villages with more difficult situation than ours -such as Surnukh- or to institutions working with vulnerable children.

We have made a test phase were some Christmas boxes were taken to Yerevan for selling. The students can prepare 35 boxes in one week. Even if the project is financed in January. We will be able to distribute the presents during January.

Financé par Nature Armenia (December 2022)