Pediatric Pep Talk

This is the story of how a year ago, I changed the life of my 12-year-old teammate, how he changed mine, and how together we are going to change the lives of thousands more. I am Maxim Manyak, a Men’s Lacrosse Player at the University of Notre Dame and the Founder of Pediatric Pep Talk.

This inspiration has since been reborn into an app-based platform that is in the business of connecting children’s hospitals, and the chronically ill patients and families they serve, with athletes across the country, allowing these patients to join a team no matter where they find themselves.

Our mission is to change the lives of children with critical illnesses, their families, and their treatment teams, one smile at a time. This is Pediatric Pep Talk, where a smile a day keeps the doctor away.

I am currently involved with 16 "teammates" from Beacon Children's Hospital, and am receiving videos from all 26 Varsity Teams and 800+ athletes from the University of Notre Dame. I am excited to expand and grow this non-profit venture to continue to make a lasting impact throughout the South Bend Community, one smile at a time.

Financé par South Bend, IN (August 2022)