Gym/dance studio at the ABC Educational Center fro

The Children Educational-Development Center ABC situated in Dilijan, Armenia. It is a unique center THE ONLY ONE in Dilijan!
ABC opened its gates to children from age 3 up to 13 in July 2019. The goal is to prepare children for the 1st grade of school, giving them foundations in language skills, grammar, and math and to develop their logic and fine motor skills. Other parts of our goal is to help children from school to do their homework when parents are at work and to teach ages 5-13 main subjects and engage in extracurricular activities.
ABC is situated in a poor area of the town within walking distance from the local school and kindergarten, which helps children attend without using transportation as transport the biggest problem in town. The nearest Educational center is in the city center, and children from our area can’t travel there on their own or with parents because of the lack of buses.
It was opened by Lilit Zargarian in summer of 2019. Lilit has several years of teaching experience in Armenia and Russia.

BUT ABC doesn't have a gym/dance studio. We have only once and it is in the center of the town, all the kids from our area can't go there as there is no transportation. We dream about making one of the rooms of the center a sport room. It will bring a great change to the development of children in this part of the town. We already have a gymnastic and dance teachers who are ready to start, but we need to make the room.
Most importantly, the price for all the programs is very low, which makes it affordable for all kinds of families. And ABC is going to keep it that way! Also the profit goes to the fixing and building additional space for more kids.

Our team helps children from financially-challenged families to find sponsors; therefore, many kids from such families attend the center (and the number is growing!)

This project would change lives of so many kids in our area!
We are ready to make the sport room in 1-2 weeks because we can't wait!

Financé par Yerevan (March 2022)