Free English Classes - Afghan Refugee Community

Our new program will be providing free, virtual English classes to current and incoming Afghan refugees in the Portland area. Torus aims to be a safe and useful resource in the community, especially helping those in the immigrant and refugee communities. We feel that this program is critical to helping the incoming Afghan refugee community to give them a sense of community in their new city, while simultaneously providing them with the tools and resources they need to navigate their local community. Not only will these English classes help with learning the language used in the community and country, by improving their English skills they will feel more connected to the American population through cultural engagement and jobs. Torus will be a great ally to this community during this transition period for them.

With the proper funding, we will also be able to offer a stipend to those who attend a certain number of classes per session. This will help encourage them to attend which will help them get the most out of the program. It will also be a small financial help to them as they start their new life here in Portland.

Classes are offered to those looking to learn English, no matter their proficiency level.

Financé par Portland, OR (January 2022)