Old Home Place Recordings

Old Home Place Recordings is a new series of live, intimate, field recordings based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. This project documents old time musicians, singer songwriters, and music makers in cozy settings that hold meaning to each of the artists. This modern folklore project is meant to generate physical memories of the music being played in our current generation.

While this idea was born out of a community of friends focused on playing traditional Appalachian tunes, we are not strictly recording a specific genre. We intend to seek out and display a variety of music being played in an inclusive and non-judgmental space. Old Home Place Recordings is also providing opportunities to help promote artists by giving them material they can use to get their music out into the public.

We have already had an outpouring of support from the music community and we are excited to continue documenting. Seeing the collection come together is an absolute pleasure.

A look into the future of this project: We will also be using the Old Home Place platform to eventually create two new avenues for music appreciation. We will be starting an Old Home Place Concert Series, hosting small house shows for artists and documenting their live sets. The final addition will be the Old Home Place Production team that will begin working on a documentary that focuses on traditional music being played today and the cultural implications surrounding it.

Financé par Asheville, NC (April 2022)