Super Hero Awakening Campaign

This courage-building will train 10 adult Courage Crusaders to lead Super Hero Awakening Ceremonies in libraries, schools, community centers and private homes. This project has potential to reach 150-200 children over several weeks, and Crusaders will train others to do the same, so this movement has sustainability. Each Crusader will be given materials and curriculum that offers empowering messages, easy-to-remember songs, creative activities and self-reflective writing activities that teach children of all ages, races and backgrounds that they currently have "super" powers they use in everyday life. For example, cleaning up after yourself shows the "super" power of responsibility; and when you sit at lunch with the shy kid with no friends, you exhibit the "super" power of compassion.

This strength-based process is different from other anti-bullying programs because it offers a consciousness shift. It taps into each child’s capacity to believe in their own worthiness, to find their voice even though they might be shy, and to internalize and demonstrate their understanding that courage is a choice and that they already have what it takes to be brave in the face of fear. And, when a child feels more confident, they are less likely to be an easy target of bullying and are more likely to view themselves not as victims, but empowered Super Heroes who are capable of stopping bullying behavior in their schools and communities.

Studies have documented that 75 percent of school shootings are attributed to bullying and harassment. The Super Hero Awakening Project presents a fresh and creative approach to the age-old problem of bullying, plus added value of building courage, a life skill all children need, anyway. And, even when fear takes over, as it sometimes does, this project will provide each participant with a Courage Stone they can carry in their pocket or backpack to remind themselves that they can always access their courage whenever they desire.

Financé par Portland, OR (March 2013)