With the help of http://commonfrequency.org we recently obtained a low-wattage permit from the FCC to broadcast on 91.FM to Downtown! From the location we carefully picked, this 100w antenna will reach 1.5 million homes in the Portland metro area as well as many, many many cars.

We started a non-profit corporation called Cascade Educational Broadcasting Service last fall, and have been building momentum and resources to launch XRAY.FM this Summer. We filed our 501(c)3 status today and got a bank account last week. We're raising funds from a totally grassroots level and plan to engage a large community here in Portland to support the station by underwriting and grant support as well as listener support. Portland has never had a college radio station downtown on FM, so we're positive it's starved for some great radio created by all our friends who spin great records around town nightly.

CEBS’ current objective is to secure resources for FM operation. The goal is to create a station that broadcasts new independent music and a plethora of rare historic vinyl by the innovators, but not officially bound by any specific genre descriptor. A website and webstream, developing currently, will be of equal importance. Unlike most radio stations, close attention will be paid to maintaining artistic programmatic vision. CEBS views music as an art. Core to this belief is presenting modern music (primarily 50’s to present) from an educational perspective, with the DJ acting as a musicologist, promoting new independent artists and providing historical detail on forgotten seminal artists from the past.

I can already see the town dancing to the beat of XRAY.FM. Bicyclists, joggers and car-owners will all have a much better time and radios will create happiness again! We're planning some big events in Portland this June to launch the station publicly and would be happy to spread the word about Awesome Foundation as one of our Angel Donors when we go on the air.

Financé par Portland, OR (May 2013)