Hair Goals Society

With the popularity of hair straightening chemicals such as relaxers and keratin treatments that permanently change the hair structure taking a steep decline in the last decade, natural ethnic/multi-cultural textured hair has not only begun to be accepted in today's society, it is heavily embraced by individuals of many cultures and demographics. With this being said, due to generations heavily relying on chemically straightened styles, there is a massive knowledge gap and lack of local resources in our present generation and generations to come on how to care and maintain for ones specific hair type which overall effects confidence levels and how individuals view themselves starting at a very young age.
The purpose of Hair Goals Society is to cater to individuals with multi-cultural, curly, coily and kinky textured-like hair that provides all natural hair care products, direct support, partnership with professional salons, school involvement, customized tips from trained salon professionals specialized in curly/afro textured hair types, do's and don'ts, step by step guides that are NOT paid sponsorships, encouragement and accountability to fulfill each and every one's specific hair goal.
My vision is to create a safe platform and environment focused on breathing beauty and acceptance into the textured hair community. Whether you're a pre-teen in middle school who feels insecure about her coils because she was never taught how to care for them or you're new parents to a textured haired child who you just adopted. No one feels left out.

Financé par South Bend, IN (November 2021)