Humans in Geelong Expo 2021

The Humans in Geelong Expo is a free community event with something for everyone and everyone welcome. There are 12 live performances including The Mik Maks and Sweethearts, 12 guest speakers including The Streets Barber, 30 exhibitors and 12 local artists. There is heaps of fun for the children.
This year we had to change our date and then change our venue, this led to three lots of separate advertising costs.
The good news is that the new venue, The Geelong Racecourse, has more outdoor space so we can host a jumping castle, mini train and the Roaming Reptiles.
All big hits with the kids. This is a demographic that we haven't tapped into before. Attracting a large, diverse crowd will help all the brilliant causes that exhibit and speak. It will raise awareness of the great people and groups in our community who are making a difference. It will encourage people to connect with, volunteer for and support these entities.
Our overall aim is to inspire, connect and strengthen community.

Financé par Geelong (November 2021)