Midtown Radio: Community Stories

Midtown Radio is a volunteer-driven, community radio station. We have a community studio in 44 Gaukel that we use to create community access space, allowing members of our community with little or no radio experience the opportunity to record interviews and tell stories. Our mandate is to expand and diversify the voices that we hear on radio and to ensure that local musicians and community stories have a venue to be heard. Our station broadcasts 24/7 using a digital radio platform (airtimepro). We pay SOCAN fees, and when production funds allow also commission original songs and dramas from local artists.
Our goal is to have a welcoming and accessible studio in order to encourage local production, as well as serve as a training site, where people with no audio production skills can be trained, allowing them to add their voices to community conversations.

Financé par Kitchener-Waterloo (June 2021)